The Future Is Here

After meeting many teachers over the years from all over the world, they all had one thing in common. Sharing information.

All the teachers I met were wonderful people, they could easily get another job and get paid higher, but they fell in love with teaching students. Teachers can really have a huge impact on them.

Not only on their education but also personal life. You are more of a mentor, a role model. The troubles they face sometimes, you have no idea. Children are remarkable, and we should treat them like remarkable beings. As they are the future as well.

They will be the ones who not only make your country great again but the whole world great again.

SIOP and more

SIOP stands for:

“The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model is a research-based and validated instructional model that has proven effective in addressing the academic needs of English learners throughout the United States. The SIOP Model consists of eight interrelated components: Lesson Preparation.”

Yes, this blog is about learning and I hope you learn something from this as well. I believe SIOP is a really good one, as we will be viewing the behavior of the students. The way they react and the way the absorb the information.

That last part is crucial. It has no point in providing some information but they don’t know how or why to absorb it. Espeically troubled kids, if they cannot relate to it, they will not do anything with it. It’s not in there system as they need to survive, they need to struggle to survive. Every day is a new challenge, explain then to me why they would be interested in learning anything that doesn’t reflect their immediate outcome.

The components are:
There are eight interrelated components to The SIOP® Model; watch the videos for each component:**Lesson Preparation »**Building Background »**Comprehensible Input »**Strategies »**Interaction »**Practice and Application »**Lesson Delivery »**Review and Assessment »

Seriously have a look into it, it’s highly recommended.


I’m a fully certified teacher and I want to introduce myself more properly. I’m a fairly simple person but with the desire to do research, research about a lot of things. In particular schools and the school system.

I watched many documentaries over the years, when my friends wanted to watch a movie I suggested watching a documentary. A documentary gives you a glimpse into the real life and world.

One of the most touching movies about the American school system was the one called Waiting for Superman. This is one touching documentary which really gets to you. You feel sort of hopeless after seeing it because the system is very messed up.

Another interesting thing to see is the really well made tv show The Wire. There is a season which explains a lot about the school system as well. It’s about the young kids from which most of them are working in the criminal sector.

The trouble with this is, it feels like the teachers want to make a change but something is holding it back, which is called the system. But when you think about it, the system is just a system. It’s a mindset, created by people, and people like you know are the same as you and me. There is no difference, there are no magicians among them or anything like that.

In fact, it’s true. If we can convince enough people we can really break down the rules of the system. And we no longer called it a system, but we call the person or more persons who want to make this utterly useless rules.

International Teacher

Starting this new journey as an international expat teacher, working freelance here and there and learning more about the school system.

As a freelancer I had to do everything by myself. It’s my way or the no way unfortunately. Officially I am now an expat, traveling the globe in search for information and giving information. Apartments I try to find way in advance, as it would lessen the hassle of everything. Same goes for finding a great expat insurances, which would cover global activities. All these things bring a piece in mind, especially the international medical insurance. The apartments are a nice way to get in touch with the local community. If you buy or rent a stand-alone house every time it’s way harder to get in touch with people because you are more on your own.

There are many expat bars, which is a nice way to get an introduction to every new place you enter. They also help out a lot, just drinking a beer with someone is nice. They give tips, but sometimes they are also looking for something or someone who can offer some help.